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Sep 8, 2020

Parents are made to worry with the abundance of screen time is bad, screen time is unhealthy and screen time should be limited to this and that amount per day....but it doesn't work into most of our digital focused family lives, work spaces and especially in this digital world and future.

So listen to this mother and 30 years media, internet and child's rights expert that has written 20 books about these topics on how you can parent in this reality WHILE keeping your own values and your family's screen time use in harmony.


What You'll Learn In This Episode:

  • What type of digital parent are you?
  • Why there are strict guidelines for parents around the quantity of your kids screen time and why we are not using it correctly.
  • How to promote a joint-engagement in your family
  • What the research really says about your kids screen time use
  • How to identify when it's too much for your child
  • What to do about your teenagers overuse of their phones at home?  It's not what you might think....
  • A child's right in this digital world
  • Safety concerns & tips around your child's internet use
  • Screen time with relatives, in the car and in public spaces...
  • And Much More...


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