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Apr 21, 2020

I have never needed to take a water sip while reading through the impressive list of credentials and life experiences of my guest!

I am truly honored to have Lucia Capacchione join me on this week's episode to share some truths about what happened to our inner child once we became adults... She is a pioneer in the expressive art therapy and have been coaching, teaching, consulting and writing about it for over 35 years.

A single mom, artist, former montessori trained child development specialist and registered arts therapist.  After healing herself of a mysterious life threatening disease through her daily journaling and art therapy, she began her path to help others heal themselves and release all of the emotions safely on paper for themselves.

What you'll learn in this episode:

How to heal and connect with your inner child through arts therapy,

The power of your other hand.

Mothers These Days and Why she is congratulating us all!

2 books every parent need to succeed

How to help your child release his emotions in a fun and safe way.

Visioning-Designing the life of your dreams

What you should be doing during COVID19 at home with your family & kids to stay sane.


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