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Feb 18, 2020

This is a feel good, high energy and high for life conversation.  Jacqueline Pirtle is a holistic practitioner, author, mother, happiness ambassador, reiki master and coaches parents and adults on how to BE and live YOUR highest and most truthful potential.

We talk about her latest book 'Parenting Through The Eyes Of Lollipops' this is an inspiring and uplifting woman that will explain how we parents, can live a spectacular life as mothers and have a soulful parent-child connection.


you will learn in this episode:

Feeling good as parents

The importance of letting go and creating new rules.

What is a phenomenal family?

How our energy affects our perspective.

Are you filling the right job as a parent for your child?

The love cycle of parenthood

How to raise confident kids?

Recreating old memories

And Much More...


Notes about this episode HERE

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