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Jan 13, 2022

If you're a single woman but truly want to have a child...sooner rather than later then listen to this episode with pioneer mama of Single Mothers by Choice, author and psychotherapist Jane Mattes.  She has over 41 years experience supporting over 30000 members in her organization 'single mothers by choice'.

This conversation is releasing all of the pressure that you might have with 'finding' the right partner just in time to have a baby before your eggs run dry...sort of speaking.

Things we talk about:
- why some women are choosing to become single mothers by choice
-why you will not be doing this alone
- the 40 years evolution of the SMC organization and the type of women choosing this unconventional path to motherhood
-what kids think about being raised in these alternative families
- the role of fathers in these alternative families
And More...



Notes from this episode are HERE

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