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Sep 22, 2020

Do you ever get those nudges....the ones that you feel deep, entrepreneur and philanthropist Jessica Janzen, mom of 3 shares how following them changed her life.


What You'll Learn In Episode:

  • Jessica's story
  • having a joyful mindset and daily 'joy starters'
  • Why following your heart's nudges leads to a better life
  • Body Love & Body Confidence 
  • Keeping your relationship strong after having kids
  • giving back to SMA Disease for babies & kids
  • How to live joyfully and with purpose after the death of your baby/child
  • The Lewiston Foundation & how it's impacting families & the research for a cure
  • Jessica's message to parents 
  • The importance of movement and dance party's
  • and more fun filled honest talk....


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