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Apr 14, 2020

Are you a mother-to-be or a mother worried about your family's finances?

Do you have a money mindset that's keeping you from making more money or to become debt-free?

Do you want to raise kids that have better money skills than you?

ENTER Virginia Elder, mama of 2, of 'Happy Healthy Abundance' living a debt-free life...

Mar 31, 2020

What makes some kids thrive and others crumble under pressure?

What's the difference between a problem free child and a flourishing one?

What is the ONE thing that will change a person's bad behavior?

What do parents NEED to model in order for their children to become resilient individuals?

This episode will answer all...

Mar 10, 2020

This episode focuses on how parents and educators can raise global citizens & bring more awarenesss to younger kids about various social issues.

Rebekah Gienapp creator of 'The Barefoot Mommy', a mother, minister and activist is educating parents on how to raise kids with a mission of diversity, inclusion and justice.