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Oct 20, 2020

''Movement Is Healing'' says Idalis and she's got the story to back it up. 

Listen to how she did it and most importantly how she is educating thousands today .....literally helping every type of women and men to do it as well from home.


What you'll hear in this episode:

  • A day in the life of a Beachbody Super...

Sep 22, 2020

Do you ever get those nudges....the ones that you feel deep, entrepreneur and philanthropist Jessica Janzen, mom of 3 shares how following them changed her life.


What You'll Learn In Episode:

  • Jessica's story
  • having a joyful mindset and daily 'joy starters'
  • Why following your heart's nudges leads to a...

Sep 8, 2020

Parents are made to worry with the abundance of screen time is bad, screen time is unhealthy and screen time should be limited to this and that amount per day....but it doesn't work into most of our digital focused family lives, work spaces and especially in this digital world and future.

So listen to this mother and 30...

Sep 1, 2020

'Some days you're going to crush it as a mom and other days you'll be shitty at it BUT that's what balance is.'  Dr. Jody Carrington


What You'll Learn In This Episode:

  • Surprising truths about Dr. Jody's transition to mom life
  • Mothering these days
  • How to reconnect with anyone
  • The ONE thing that you should be teaching...

Aug 4, 2020

What You'll Learn In This Episode:

- Believing in your own strength

- Secrets we keep to maintain a certain image

- Living with an alcoholic husband and lessons learned in her relationship

- Finding Your Path Forward

- Feelings of fear and shame

- Protecting Your Kids


And Much More...



Notes about this...