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Apr 7, 2020

'Do you want more kids?'

'Your child should have siblings!'

'When are you having kids??'

As married couples and new moms we ALWAYS get this question and it does feel like society is pressuring us to figure it out asap and that's , 'how many kids do you want?'

Since most mamas are asking for help online, I found a parenting expert, social psychologist, stepmom of 4 and mom of an only child to break it down for you.

She has studied this hot topic for over two decades and published 2 books about it 'the case for the only child' & 'parenting an only child'.


What you'll learn in this episode:

Research and stats today about couples and children

Most common myths about raising an only child.

The Dark Side of having Siblings

Factors to consider before having a child OR before having another child

Who should you be talking to about this?

And Much More...



Notes about this episode HERE

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