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Dec 2, 2019

Today's episode 4. (part 1), I chat with Juliette Brun, the founder of the 9 delicious chocolate restaurants in the city (Montreal, Canada) Juliette & Chocolat, yum!  How she does it all continuously growing her business, taking on new projects and how she started without any mentors or any previous experience while having a few kids. Currently a mom of 5, she still manages to lead her many teams, be present with her kids at home and still find time to keep creating new menus every season for her restaurants! 

What you'll learn in this episode:

This women sure seems to do it all, so today she is honest about what goes on behind the scenes sharing all her tips, mom wisdom learned over the years and what we should be teaching our kids about food, desserts, people, work ethics, being an entrepreneur, confidence, passion, dealing with stress, staying organized, working with your husband, screen time, success, chocolate, failure, sacrifice, living abroad as a child, her favorite chocolate desserts... and all in between!!

To learn more about Juliette & Chocolat click HERE or HERE

Ressources mentioned in this episode:

  • The Kids Book by Juliette to inspire kids about entrepreneuship click HERE


Notes about this episode HERE

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