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Feb 1, 2022

''It's not a matter of motivating these kids, it's a matter of making them feel safe and then they can be free to succeed.'' Rebecca Smith


How can you create consistency in your sport regardless of the pressure or anxiety that you might feel?  

Rebecca Smith, a former gymnast, specializes in high performance sports psychology in coaching teens 10-18 years old as well as their parents to learn to overcome fear and anxiety to thrive and succeed in their sport.

In this episode:

- being a recovering perfectionist raising little gymnasts

- why your brain wants to sabotage the body

-the 4 pillars of training

-legalizing failure and the wisdom of failure

- visual, audio and kinesthetic learners

- how to communicate with the coach

- is there still a toxic culture in competitive sports? 

- how your teen can learn to speak up

- the DO'S and DON'T of parenting a teen in sports

-how to lose in sports

- And More!



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