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Jun 2, 2020

One of the most valuable episode for mothers and parents!

Life Is Good,

Life Is Not Fair,

Life Is Painful,

We Should Know That's Life.

In this episode I talk with Barbara Coloroso, a mother and grandmother and an internationally recognized speaker and bestselling author of 4 books.  She has been speaking and teaching about subjects such as parenting, teaching, school discipline and non-violent conflict resolution for over 45 years.

Today she is sharing her knowledge and BEST PARENTING TIPS on how you can parent well during moments of crisis, you know the really tough times most people would like to avoid.  Well everyone dies eventually or some unfortunately get sick, sometimes they are kids, you might be going through a divorce or have lost your house in a fire or are a foster parent...whatever crisis you are going through or will go through (sorry but that's life) then you will want to be prepared for it for yourself, your kids and your family or friends.

A few things you'll learn in this episode:

- 3 things you need to do as a parent especially during a crisis

- How to use humor during crisis

- the passages of grief

- Mourning the death of a loved one, then do this for your kids...

-How kids of different ages go through a crisis

And Much More


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