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Dec 15, 2020

''Aim to be the brave-hearted individual.''  Barbara Coloroso


44 years parenting expert, best selling author, mother, grandmother and educator Barbara Coloroso like back again on the podcast to help parents, mothers and educators on how to break the cycle of bullying from the kid (and sometimes adults) who bully, the targeted bullied child and what she calls the not-so-innocent-bystander watching it all happen.

This conversation gets really specific so that you may learn and try her tried and tested and what I'm calling 'let's put an end to this bullying' tools.


Some Things We Talk About:

  • The Circle of Bullying
  • Passive Supporters
  • Telling VS Tattling
  • How to raise a brave-hearted child
  • Mean vs. Kind ...and why being nice is not so nice
  • How do you start standing up for yourself against bullies
  • She explains the importance of not fighting back
  • How to stand strong and why it matters against bullying
  • Conflict Resolution
  • What to Do & What Not to Do as a parent
  • The 4 antidotes to Bullying
  • And Much More!


Notes from this episode HERE

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