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Mar 31, 2020

What makes some kids thrive and others crumble under pressure?

What's the difference between a problem free child and a flourishing one?

What is the ONE thing that will change a person's bad behavior?

What do parents NEED to model in order for their children to become resilient individuals?

This episode will answer all of these questions and MORE with an expert in all things RESILIENCE with Dr. Michael Ungar.


Dr. Michael Ungar has a PhD in Clinical Social Work, has directed the Resilience Research Centre since 2002 and written 15 books on this topic. He has worked as a family & marriage therapist and has some very simple and smart ideas to share with parents on how we can teach our kids to become resilient.

This episode will break it down in bite size tips and tricks for you to model as a parent in order to raise a strong family and resilient kids in today's world.


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