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Dec 17, 2019

Laurel Bloomfield, a woman that has kept her biggest secret private for years and today she is opening up about what got her through her 7 years of infertility struggles. What gave her hope and the ways she kept her mind occupied through it all.  How her marriage got even better & stronger following their struggle, even after using all of their savings to fund the fertility treatments and how an adoption opportunity literally happened in less than a month!  

She has a beautiful message to those that are currently going through infertility struggles as well as to the ones that know someone going through this sensitive journey.


What you'll learn in this episode:

What gave Laurel strength throughout the 7 years of what she refers to as Hell.

What you should NEVER say or what you SHOULD say to someone going through infertility treatments.

How she kept her marriage strong even in the midst of constant disappointments.

Where she found support. 

How they suddenly adopted a son in less than a month.


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