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Mar 3, 2020

This episode is all about how this woman, Giselle Courteau, a mama of 2 & wife has found her confidence as a child being in the kitchen. She taught herself how to bake for her family because her mama didn't let her buy she had to figure it out and make them instead to satisfy her sweet tooth!

Fast forward to today, she is celebrating 10 years as a Co-Owner of the ever so popular Duchess Bake Shop in Edmonton, Alberta. Selling & Baking world-class pastries from éclairs, to macarons, croissants, to regional favorites such as brownies and butter tarts.

She takes prides in making everything from scratch and her customers loves them!

She has a released her 2nd cookbook 'Duchess At Home' following her bestselling cookbook 'Duchess Bake Shop' and we talk about how her own cooking has changed since having her 2 kids.  

What you will learn in this episode:

Why she started baking as a child...

How she built her confidence...

How she got the idea of opening a Bake Shop without any experience...

We talk about her new cookbook.

Lessons learned from her mother.

We talk about her mom life.

And Much More!



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