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Jan 7, 2020

Today's episode is what you should really know about organic baby & kids clothing.  We can't ignore it, it's having more impact then you think.  Kasia Taekema is giving us all the details, a mother, sewer and former small business owner & designer of a successful organic baby & kids sleepwear company that will give you a behind the scenes in what companies have to do and who you should trust with the 'organic label'.

This is for you parents and gift givers that purchases non-organic OR organic clothing because most of us don't really know what's the main difference the two except the use of chemicals.

What you'll learn in this episode:

A little organic clothing 101 for you from me :-))

Whats the difference between a non-organic and organic pyjamas.

What those flame retardants warning tags on your kids pyjamas really mean?

Why Canada is still wayyyyy behind in terms of producing & selling 'organic kids clothing' for you.

Tips for what you should watch for when buying your next kids clothing in stores.

The best investment pieces you should be buying instead of doing this ONE THING.

How to save money when buying organic clothing?

And Much More....



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